the garden of prime love

This is the garden of the gods and the goddesses in state of sacred union, where ambrosia is our daily song, where the stars dance in continues contemplation of the divine realms, where the act of love is the joyful experience of the truth in every cell. This garden, is reserved for the travelers that found themselves again, in the heart of the primordial love!


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free will is a lie, created in order to identify the rebels!

free will is a lie, created in order to identify the rebels!


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the traveler, the spring of golden nectar and the dessert

Oh! traveler, you have been walking alone in the desert for so many years, without water.

The sun of the dessert twisted your mind and eated your soul.

Now you find me, and i offer you  at my oassis a fountain of water and a spring of golden nectar.

But what do you do? You invite me to travel with you along the dessert with a well planned destination: To the next dune! and what for? to look for water there!


Your perception abilities have been twisted by the heat of the sun, you take for a mirage the organic reality and for a destination your fate.

The time of your life is dinive time, divine time is out of time. When this time will reach you?

Your heart is closed as the doors of that room full of jewels and gold of your national bank. And you still belief that you have tresures there you should be able to access when ever you want…  dont you know the gold and jewels for a long time are not there any more?

Purify your heart with wine, seat in this little paradise, at the door of this sacred garden, until you see the star rising.

The wind is calm, there is no storm, and the palms will gift you with a refreshing shadow.

At this place the scorpions, the eagles, wolves and snakes, drink from the same fountain with the elephants, camels, horses, lions, dolphins and travelers.

If you are lucky, and your heart is open , one morning you might share your table at this sacred tabern with an unicorn, or a fenix. The last moon, some of our brothers and sisters did dance with dolphins.

Our garden is a magic place.

Oh! traveler… where do you want to go? the next dune is so close to us, but far away from our true destination. Didnt you see already the door to life-and-death?

The dessert is a wise friend. It is a sacred mirror. Did you learn its lessons? Ilussion is the taste of its favorite meal, delusion the vitamins it shares with you and self desempowerment, its final gift to you, before you cross the door to that golden room made of sand, for the transfromation process into the soil of another dune.

Didnt you have the opportunity to self-recreate your inmune systhem, to heal yourself ? Is the sand in your eyes perturbating your vision, the palms are there, dont you see them? Or probably your ears cannot listen to the drops of water falling over the lagoon we use to swim along the mornings?

Here, at this golden cavern, is the golden sound your healer. The golden womb, your place to regenerate, and recreate yourself. The golden sun, is the sacred fire of the heart, the gate to the golden city.

The rising star. Did you see it? Did you smeel it? Did you taste it? Did you touch it? Did you hear it? Did you know it?

Oh! Traveler… life you find here, where the organic life lives in harmony with the heart of the dessert and the heart of the sacred water. Life, you find here, where the green palms and the golden weed, grow next to the grass and roses. Life you find here, where the jewels and the stars, sing along the melodies of the earth and the suns.

Life you find here , where the lion, the wolve, the eagle and the dolphin drink wine at the same table.

Oh! Traveler… You have been walking alone in the desert for so many years, without water.

The sun of the dessert twisted your mind and eated your soul.

Now you find me, and i offer you at my oassis a fountain of water and a spring of golden nectar. Where you can dwell and prepare for the final travel, to the rising star, the source of your own heart, prime love.

But what do you do? You invite me to travel with you along the dessert with a well planned destination: To the next dune! and what for? to look for water there!


Now you see that caravan, crossing the horizont and you ask yourself is do they know where do they go. Do you know? you prepare yourself to follow them. buty why? isnt enough for a dessert 13 mad travelers playing with the death… they do not need you but for nurturing their dreams.

If you look for a caravan, go behind the fountain, you will find there 9 travelers navigating the waters to teh ocean of gold and nectar. They all are drunk!

Oh! Traveler…

You run away… but you know, your destination is not your fate. You arrived here, becouse your fate is in the breath of your heart, and you felt it. You did listen to the birds flying along the night and to the wolves and lions, running in the early morning, around your tent, while your dreams where so intense that you could not wake up any more.

But you want to go to the next dune. Is that your destination?

Sit, and breath for a while, you will feel better, drink two drops of ambrosia and one of water, your blood will turn into red again, and your vains will take that golden blue colour one more time.

Dont you remember?

Oh! Traveler, it has been so long, the last time you navigated with us the waters of the coeans of the gods, until that storm brought our ships apart from each other. But now you are here.

Come with us, to the tabern, we are celebrating! brothers and sisters, one more time!

Oh! Traveler… take your time. Time is sacred!

Isnt your own time the only thing you delussionally belief to possses? at this dessert not even time is real. But isnt a dream sacred, for the travel of the mystic?

Ah! you want more wine?

Your smile reminds me that of a child that find its best friends and is ready to play their favorite game.

Ah ! Traveler. Did you find home?

Now, it is this instant, in which you need to know, what truth is.

Becouse our caravan is ready to depart. Are you ready to follow your heart? in our travel there are no guides nor followers. You know!

Oh! Traveler… You have been walking alone in the desert for so many years, without water.

The sun of the dessert twisted your mind and eated your soul.

Now you find me, and i offer you at my oassis a fountain of water and a spring of golden nectar. Where you can dwell and prepare for the final travel, to the rising star, the source of your own heart, prime love.

But what do you do? You invite me to travel with you along the dessert with a well planned destination: To the next dune! and what for? to look for water there!


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The skies are open and free for the ones that know how to fly.

The skies are open and free for the ones that know how to fly.

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Our caravan, is a caravan of lovers, of gods and goddesses in a state of sacred union.

Our caravan, is a caravan of lovers, of gods and goddesses in a state of sacred union.

Be free, complete your learning process to become independent, to get authonomy.

It is unnecesary for you to follow anybody, but just to listen to your heart.

At the same time, is truelly important you meet others like you, and create community, a collective morphic field, a common intent, a vortex to another multidimensional frequency, a caravan for travelers.

This is our journey, we are who we are and we go where we go, free form history and free from destiny.

Most important than any thing, free from the batlles between the gods, the goddeses, power, ilusion, duality, time and interdimensionality.

Our caravan, is a caravan of lovers, of gods and goddesses in a state of sacred union.

Be free, become yourself!

In love


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to die means to rebirth

” to die means to rebirth, we do it every day, or at least some times in our life… we actually have been had many lifes already! we did birth and die in all continents, times and ages,in all dimensions and worlds, in all forms and ways, in all pathways, colours, lights and sounds. ”

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An expert in human psychology and social behavior visit our school

An expert in human psychology and social behavior visit our school

He said: But, i am a psychologist. I am a graduated professional with a PHD in social behavior. You should listen to me, i know more than all of them.

I did replay. How many years did you study psychology.

He answered: since i was 19 years old, now i am 60 years old.

I did ask: how did you learn?

He answered: we did study the work of great psychologists and people that did study the mind and behavior of human beings, and civilizations on earth, since 1700. We did study al kind of human behavior and also, through history, analysed the behavior of old cultures.

I asked: did you study the psychology of people?

He answered: yes, i did.

I did say: dont you listen to yourself? you did study books, you did scientific research on people, you did tests, you did analysis of people behavior, you used charts and papers of other people before you that verfied your studies. But there is something you didint do.

He asked: what that could be? i am an expert, a recognized international expert!

I said: you never observed your own psychology, nor study your own self, nor work with your own self. For that reason your work is not valid, your interpretation of results, your way to utilize the scientific method, your awareness and perception of your own ideas, associations, knowledge, is as limited as your own consciousness. But you, you never asked yourself about which conditions you need to fulfill your self as a human in order to become able to know anything about other human. You just decided to belief, becouse some institution gave you a paper, you are ready to decide what human psychology, organic nature and behavior are. You, yourself, are unaware of what you do not know and what you need to know and to be, in order to become important for us. You yourself have been blinded, your whole life, from the truth of the pathway you did follow, from the truth of your real situation, from the truth of the relativity of your studies and  knowledge. For us, your work has only one function: to demonstrate human unresponsibility, lack of consciousness and awareness, lack of knowledge, freedom and love. Obviously, your culture do not provide an education in which this kind of wisdoms are accessible to every one, there are not a common knowledge of your leaders, nor of your scientists or educatores, not even of most of your children. But you shouldnt worry, that is meant to change.

He asked: what do you mean? change?

I said: It is about time, that a new culture based on love, consciousness, oneness, and knowledge bring freedom to earth, and access to the true knowledge and possibilities of own nature. This culture is already here, and already started to bring its fruits to the world. For this culture, we have our own specialists and experts, grown in the cosmic university of life and in the sacred knowledge of ownself, ownsource, organic life, consicousness, love, oneness and nature. Is in that space in which we recognize each other for what we are.

He said: I never heard something like that. And i do not understand you. Why you wont accept my advice? I am a recognized world authority in social matters.

I answered: Yes, i know you do not understand… and now, tell the world what i told you! (then i left!)

He said: what can i tell to the world? that a new society without common sense of what life is, that claim that socialization is unnecessary, didnt accept my advice?, The only thing i will tell is that you are unable to live in our world, and that you and your community need to be a subject of study. I never heard such unrasonable explanations: to study my own psychology? why should i do that? and which kind of knowledge did you talk about? a sacred act? i am a scientist not a religous man, what have to do sacredness with my work? I dont know what you talk about!

from far away, i said: your world? I know, any way, you will do your work, perfectly! You have always been. The machine does not do something new, we know that a programm do not change by itself unless a sparkle of consciousness, the fire of the breath, embody your self. You, are far beyond that possibility. You are not really alife! what ever purpose your life has now, will be accomplished, as you, you are just a pawn of the forces that have been leading your whole life and that you are not aware of. You will do your work perfectly!

He said:  Nothing from what you said makes sense to me. I just wanted to help your community to find a way to integrate themselves to your modern society. What i see, is that you make no sense at all. Machines? death? fire of the breath? what is all of that? A pawn? I am the senior director of a research institut of human studies, i receive support form many governements to keep my studies and institut on going, i decide what is important for the world to know and learn in terms of human psychology and behavior, i help the world evolve into an advanced culture. I am for sure not a pawn.

From far away: As i said, you do your work perfectly! a perfect machine!

<letters and encounters between worlds> by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken,

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The shadow of love (dual or not dual perception)

The shadow of love (dual or not dual perception)

She said: no, impossible, love is pure light, has no shadows..

Then the wall said: ha, ha, ha, ha…. in an state of sacred union with prime love there is not somthing like a negative connotation, perception of a shadow. Then light and shadow are one, love.

There is love, … experienced in a non dual perception, there will be no judgement about love, nor a positive against a negative meaning, no opposition. There for, freedom!

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Global village – a reality show

Global village

A reality show

under quarantine

30% inhabitants of earth lives in fear

30% laugh about

30% dont know

i didnt forget the other 10%

the one network, created 10 min of global tension in corporate world.

microsoft, facebook and google play luck to know whom of them will buy paypal…

The rest of corporate world pushe them to solve the global situation they created…

apple doesnot comment.

and the travelers are asking themselves if they forgot something in the dark cave might make any sense to go back there and look for the thing?

Midwhile a strange dancer attempt to bring the whole world into a state of awakening while a priest pray for the world to remian or go back to unconsciouss state… as that would be the only way to go back to paradise…

do you remember… the apple?

and the star seeds are following a map to the next star gate…

lightworkers choose between chamba-la and shamballa (chamba: a sudamerican word that refers to work/job)

we do not know what will happend, but for sure the magician will keep playing the flute…  and make from the show an interesting cosmic multidimensional adventure…

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nd The new age angels, visitors and cristobal colon

The new age angels

1500 cristobal colon brought the church to new territories in 9 continents, in order to absorb and control the knowledge and wisdom of all ancients religions and to destroy all cultures, now, at the new age era, are the angels the ones brought by people that try the church-culture to survive and keep domination.

The church did persecute and burned in fire witches and magicians, nowadays, angels brain wash star seeds, light workers, gods and goddesses.

same game players, new masks, new age!

“visitors” by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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the garden of love

The garden of love
Gods and goddesses on earth!

When the star gates from heaven opens, earth ship welcome gods and goddesses.

Did you realize, they dwell here not by own will, as in essence they are free.

Along the research of neandertals do at them, the results are normally the desintagretion of the vibrational organic message of the gods and goddesses.

In other words? do they with their love come here to die by the hands of their beloved children?

Ones every 9000000 years, then ones evey 900 years, then ones every 90 years and now ones every 9 minutes, a god and a goddess give away their own self for the children of the future to become consciouss about own nature.

Is that love? or a duty?

Many call to this act “the sacrifice of apolo” or the travel of the fenix!

But if you reflect few minutes in what they do, you realize that gods and goddesses are free, and for them this reality is just a playground of love!

Any way, neandertals wait for their births, by looking at the stars, and decide for them their future, to decide for them how (the gods and goddesses in a state of sacred union) will serve humanity. but are they entitled to do so? .

How is that possible that a neandertal or a group fo them would know what for a god or a goddess means to be alife on earth ship? how can a neandertal expect to have the ability and wsdome themselves to decide how the gods and goddesses would better accomplish their tasks on earth?

This century a circle of neandertals decided that the gods and goddesses should gather nor create cities for them and their children, but to live separated from each other.

The neandertals explained this strategy as a pathway for the golden age, as many locations have a god or goddess, more the people that will be affected by them. This matematical calculation can only come from a neandertal.

Now, at the summit of the sun, neandertals realize that they could not damage, as it was theor original purpose, the inheritance of the gods and godddeses, as this inheritance cannot be given to the world, as now, the children of gods and goddesses are not there and wont be.

As the golden city have been never builded.

Now, at the sunset of this modern culture, its reasearchers realized, that the golden rainbow cannot be approached nor studied, without disolving its function. as for every neandertal that touches a god or a goddess, there is a new pathway… but how many neandertals are ready for a pathway to one self?

The results, after years of neandertal research are as we expected: there is nothing neandertals can take from the gods and godddesses, as all the answers to their questions show them only one direcction, the the source of all knowledge: oneness, prime love and consciousness.

But now, we ask ourselves, where the children of the gods and goddesses are? for sure not here, but in the golden city of asgard, or in shambala? or in the sacred crystal city of lemuria, or some when between the stars.

The future, have never been in hands of neandertals, nor of men nor women. This land do not belong to them. Nor this time. But just the breath of life.

The gods and goddesses in a sacred union, have been here, and you, you my dear friend, you dont remember now, but you saw them in your own dreams!

by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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the shadow of love (about the possibility of the existance of something like an unconditional love)

The Shadow of love
(about the possibility of the existance of something like an unconditional love)

Ones a friend of mine asked me, if love is really unconditional.
Then i did answer: When you do not love yourself, how does the universe answer you?
He said: Well, it just mirrors me back.
How hard and difficult could be this mirroring back?
He said: up to the limits of reasoning and actually up to the limits of my capacity to dont love my self.

The whole creation, all its frequencies, is prime love, and in all its ways of self expression is love. Any way, you will innerstand this truth according to your consciousnness and state of oneness with prime love. All events are one, with love, prime love. But do you innerstand the wisdom of love? If your rate of vibration and consciousness is not able to perceive those events in that love-sense, then you will fall in a dual perception: this is good and this is bad, this is positive and this is negative.

Love express itself through all frequencies in the universe with a wisdom and inteligence that is far away from the one that beings that fall into duality and separation can grasp themselves.

So, i said: can you said that all experiences you had with the universe are kind, loving, caring, no one was harmful to you? no one was hard?
No, he said: i cannot say so. Even our birth is hard, painful for our very new lungs to breath. But i did hear that a consciouss being will brith without giving nor receiveing any kind of pain. But an experience of pure joy!

This is exactly our point. But what happend if you are not consicouss up to that level of organic capacity? What does people wish their experiences to be?

Did you notice that people use to say: he/she loves me, becouse supports me in everything, cares for me, and do nice things for me…

What a lie, to experience life in that way, and wish to make from life a nice thing, and consider all kind of hard or difficult experiences evil and that only easy ways and soft ways are love? But, unconditional love what does it mean?

I asked: Are we in agreement that the universe give back to you what you give to the universe?
Yes, he said.

Then i answered: Well, that is the common understanding of things modern spiritual world has.
If you innerstand, you will see that the experience of action and reaction in the universe belongs (affects) only (to) those beings that are limited by cause and effect, a lineal or on linear series of events or actions. But there are other states of consicousness and manifestationa s well. Then, it is not a great law to say that what you give you receive back. It doesnt work that way, nor for every one. Not for every wisdom!

But what is the possibility, do you remember, the greatest invitation all beings in universe have received, but to become one with prime love?

Some beings feel themselves unworthit, and consider themselves arrogant, for even having in their mind that wish. Why? how can you feel arrogant for becoming one with the beloved? with prime source, with prime love, prime creator? As the sparkle of life, wisdom and knowledge and love that you hold is prime love itself. As you are already one in all particles moving along your being. But is that just a wish, or it happends also that the same beings that consider themselves arrogant for longing this state of union, also do reject the possibility of any being being one with prime love, even that for themselves.

Ones i did hear that somebody said: You would not be able to stand a second in the presence of the divine. But that isnt that way. we are all our life in its presence, what is not easy for our organic way of living if to integrate the consciousness and behavior of prime love into a world that is afraid of it.

Truth can set you free, but its meanns change, and change can bealso experience as drastic destruction of a systhem or a way of living that do not fullfill your purpose any more. Probably also of a way of perceiving or behaving. Then, after destruction comes rebirth! all in one instant? a mutation, an experience of spontaneus healing!

How many beings have higher qualities of love, and themselves avoid to meet modern spiritual societies, as do not want to challenge them with non dual perceptions and behavior. They innerstand that humanity on earth is not yet ready for that experience, any way, is worthit of it.

The whole galaxy is full of highly advanced beings that lives in societies and cultures that express prime love qualities. But so far you keep creating good and bad, in your field of manifestation, you wont be able to integrate your self, become one, with prime source inteligence.

For sure, if your body, is not prepared to conduce high rates of frequency, then wont be easy to become an organic expression of prime love source. Can you imagine what could be to express prime love source through your organic manifestation? some people decide to belief it will be a great big bagn, all will be destroyed becouse of that magnificence power. But isnt that perception childish, that prime love would manifest in other way than by destroying life and its own orgnic refined creations. That simple organic forms cannot be vessels of such higher complete state of consciousness? it is childish to think that prime love would not have the necessary consicousness and wisdom to permeat from its core, every cell or particle of existance of any being and make form every being an expression of its true complete wisdom and love. But would you notice that happening in front of your eyes? are you able to recognize, perceive prime source in everything?

You need to remember, that in our inner universe, that organic limitatiosn do not exist, also in other dimensions of experience of ourselves. We are and have been and will be that sparkle of consicousness, of life, of love, of wisdom, that is prime source. and an sparkle, is enough to know everything in this quantum fractal holographic universe.

Any way, we are now sharing about unconditional love.

People use to think that unconditional love means to experience always something nice, an space that aloud you to be as you wish, to do what you want and yes, that idea of free will.

But consider for a moment, that the universe and creation is self regulated. Means, there are certain conditions for you to fulfill in order that you do what you want. Which is actually your main consciousness and awareness and integration with prime love.

So, somebody that is not aligned with love and nor give respect for others, by applying own free will, step over the natural accepted borders of interaction, and harm in this way other beings. Maybe this being is unaware of all kind of multiple dimensions in which daily, every instant is harming other beings or one self. Maybe this being might think behave in a kind way with kind words, but actually in other dimensions of experience this being is very harmful. But what can you do if this individual decided to belief that free will has nothing to do with self responsibility, consciousness and love?.

What is that experience, as an example? is that love?
At the new age time, people will say: no, that is not love.

But what about the being that received that harm, how that being should react? then new age people use to say: with unconditional love.

An expression that have been uncorrectly understood, (and for sure have not been innerstood). New age world use to say, that every being should accept everything and aloud it to happend, non resistance, surrender, and in that way shows example and get an experience of unconditional love. But new age people repeat this qoute all the time and even behave in dangerouse ways for themselves by applying this qoute to circumstances in which self love finds its limits in relation to the love experienced in the field of interaction with the world.

Love yourself as you love others
Love others as you love yourself
Let others love you as you love yourself
but then here we could also add: love others as they love themselves…

then… wouldnt that be unconditional love?
our ability to give to others what they wish to receive from life? without pushing over them our expectations of what we wish them to be for us?

love others as they love themselves…

i remember many close friends, and people i love, in situations i was confronted with that possibility: just love them as they love themselves!

But now i have a question for all of you? what about organic life?

Organic life has its bounderies, it s capable of certain development and accomplishing certain efforts, and self expressions and quality of living and interacting according to the level of consciousness and integration of this organic being into love (also into the power of love). Organic life can become immortal if the cosmic consicousness integrated to love embody every cell in a state of freedom from time… but if you didint accomplish that state of organic life yet… what could happend to you? are you still under the spell of the cycle of life and death, night and day, up and down, left and right, inner and outer?

Will you say that an animal is not integrated with prime love itself? that a stone is not? or a plant is not neither?
Dont they experience a relative suffering when they are attacked or die? or we could say, a relative change?

Now ask yourself, is that really suffering what they experience, when they are tottaly consciouss about the time of the divine source to act on them? Animals and plants and crystals know when the time for them is ready, and know the inteligence of sustainability of life.

So, nobody consider that kind of unconditional love animals, plants, crystals, minerals and planets have for their own creator. total surrender in the cycle of life, according to organic life laws. Would you be ready, human to be one in love in that way?

So, if you life in a state of unconditional love, you might be able to live without fear, at the line of the primordial breath, between life and death, the breath that brings you to life and the breath that brings you back to the organic experience of prime love.

But now back to the question, what would you do if somebody attacks you? Or without any warning intents to steal your energy, or use you, or even contaminate, intoxicate you, change you, posses you, abduce you?

There is a story of a teacher, who received at his school a very young student.

This young student jumped ones over him, kicked teachers leg and asked him a question. the first time, the teacher considered him brave and expressing pure intention. So he answered the question, then the young student left. But then, next week the student did the same again, and his quick will be as stronger as deep his question. The master answered again. But this time, the master became aware of the behavior of the young student: requesting knowledge and wisdom through abusing with power the loving source that offers nurturing to him/her.

So, the master observed carefully his behavior, and openned himself for the student to express himself freely. So, the student did, kick the teacher many times, almost daily. and daily received answers to all his/her spirtual questions.

After a year, the legs of the teacher were turning colur from blue to purple to green. But the teacher always answered the question. All other students decided to leave the teacher as they thought he losted his self respect, self love, became a fool, and accepted to be abused. so one by one all of them left the school, while others tried to stop the young student form quicking the master. So, they asked the young student to stop that, but the student kept going and the master will never say anything at all. So, at the end of the year this spiritual school had only two students, the young one quicking the legs of the master everytime wanted to know something or even to do something, and another student who always was silent.

One day, the young student quicked the teacher leg that hard that broke his leg. When he noticed that his teacher was on the floor, looked at his other leg and quicked it stronger too. So the second leg broke. But the teacher this time didint answer the question. The young student start quicking the teacher in all his body, expecting an answer, until the teacher was almost death and the young student exaushted. So he stop quicking the teacher, and said: you have nothing else to tell me, for sure i did achieve mastery, so i will leave. Then he/she left.

Then the teacher saw his other student approaching him, and asked the other student: why did you stay all this time? his second student said: i realized how compassionated you are, and wished as you that our young brother realize the truth about ownself. But saddly not even all your compasion and all my patience, and all our silence will help that being to wake up. So i waited, as i knew, one day my beloved teacher, i will heal your wounds. By saiyng so he cared for his teacher.

1 year later his teacher was standing again, and healthy, and then his beloved student said: beloved master, now i will leave, i have to complete our work. The master said: will you do what i think you will do? he answered: yes, our brother is in the world alone, and in great confussion, abussing the kind source of love, i need to help him. with these words, he suddenly vanished in the air.

In another town, in another time, the quicking seeker, that young student that use to quick his teacher, created a quick boxing school and tought to every one in town that he/she has great powers and wsindom and that with his hands he defeated great spiritual teachers, he/she also throught that power is the solution to everything.

So, one day he/she was teaching people in twon, when suddenly a man appeared in the room, jumped in to the middle of the hall, and without asking any question quicked only once the man/woman talking about power. Then the kick boxing teacher fall to the floor, losted consciousness.

Everybody looked at this brave and powerful man and thought he had greates power as no one in the whole country could defeat that teacher kickboxing teacher.

And he said: I am only a student of a great master of love, who lives in the other side of the mountain, Then he invited every one to visit him.

Few hours later the quick boxing seeker wook up and with tears in his eyes said: beloved brother, you came here to save me from my own lie, to open my heart to my own truth. Your love and the love of our master is really unconditional and wise like the universe in its ways. And with this words, he came back to the old spiritual school, in silence sit next to the great master, and kissed him. The great master hugh him with a great smile and said: welcome my son!

Since then, all old students of the great master listened to this story and came back to the school.

do we all have the wsidom and capacity to love in that way? teh question is then about self repsonsibility and practical ability to express love in a variety of circumstances with a cosmic multidimensional beyond time wisdom.

So, what is unconditional love. Unconditional love will tell, do nothing, receive everything, get harmed, in that way you love, but is that love ?

in certain circumstances without the wisdom, knowledge and power of love, just to receive harm wont create awakening, and the only reason why people harm in many multidimensional levels, is becouse they are unaware of those other dimensiosn of self expression, they harm with their blindness, becouse are not consciouss and become all their frequencies of self expression are not moved, created, by prime love. SO they block themselves alot.

For example, when you feel an emotion, if you let it express, it would create a wave in many spaces of your self, in many dimensions of self expression, according to the consciousness that as a substance embody your multidimensional existance. Then, some of this self expressions might be hard, and hurt, but emotionally, will open up processes that lead to union with prime love, consciousness and awakening.

So, in teh same way we say: surrenader, we will say: aloud it to take place, no control of the wild nature of love and life! but to do so is not the same as to engage into following a self destructive behavior, as by acting unconsciouslly and blindly, without responsibility or worst, by acting without being fully ourself! when you or any one engage into that behavior, then the question for the rest of the world is: how long?

It will be absurd to aloud a self destructive behavior for eternity. Organic life has its relative limits. In that sense organic life is our great master. As when humans with litle consciousness receive the gifts of the powers of the gods, they wont be able to love, without having the pure innerstanding of prime love, organic life love and life wisdom.

Love, needs responsiblity, for ourselves and others.

But actually the organic inteligence of life, and divine order will tell you: what about the necessary self love, the care for the sparkle of life you are responsible for, the consciousness that you are valuable and worthit, just becouse you exist. Yes, just becouse you exist, you are worth it, there is no need to do anything to prrove yourself value. But at the same time, it is you, your own consciousness, that will create your own reality.

Many people in this time are focusing into creating a blind reality, by accepting the world to harm them and projecting over the world harm the idea of: all is love, all is fine.! but that is just delussion, and it is not an easy way, as these people claim. Love is consciousness, self responsibility and collective awareness.

If a collective is fearfull of the truth of the divine order and multidimensional reality and freedom, then for sure, it will be easy for them to limit themselves to a dual perception and look only for what they created as positive.

But from other states of consciousness, that so called “positiveneess” is alot more harmful as it encourages delusion and blindness. fear and self desenpowerment. just the projection of a wish of having only positive experiences do not change the truth of the frequency that interact with us, in an unconsicouss way, nor our own state of consciousness.

I am talking about a very concrete situation, about people claiming the modern culture to be healthym the human history to be true, the modern culture and modern human to be advanced and free….But we realize this people decided to belief that their free will aloud them to choose that the world they want to experience is this world of delusion and they say: if we accept everything and we say it is positive, then it will be posistive. While they harm themselves more and more with the syntetic intoxicating modern world life, and harm others by sharing a delusional absurd lie, blindness, as a virus that propagates with fear and lack of consciousness.

So, in this case, what would be a communication with this people with unconditional love? probably to share with them the truth will harm the construction they did of a reality based on lies. this truth shared with them will probably give them the feeling of being hurted and loosing their relaity and securities and ground. They might feel fear and loos their minds.

isnt that love?

So, if you fear to be your self, you better go away, becouse here, we are who we are!

There is no conditions, but just to be yourself, while other people set conditions and laws and rules and hierarchies on you, in order to limit your self expression, to tell you you are not worthit, to give conditiosn for you to become you, while you are already you, they just lie to you without stopping, in order to keep their artificial reality stable and hypnotise the collective with their arguments of fear and delusion. something that is actually very easy to do.

So how to love those beings but by saying the truth?

now, was that oft way of love?
for sur enot, ut love is also clear and sometimes very hard.and sometimes could manifest in all kind of ways.

The wisdom of the universe of prime love is beyond your understanding, it is necessary for you to innerstand this! love cannot be limited to predefinitions and rules or laws, love is free to express its self according to what prime love pleases. and what is that ? your littel idea bout what creates joy?

joy understood by your ego, by your culture, by your personality? by your identity? or joy experiences as the state of union with prime love?

Love is not unconditional, but has, sometimes unconditional ways. for whom, and when? who knows, that knows only love!

everything else, is just a shadow of love, created by those one in fear of the truth, but that at the same time, cannot go far away of the true love, so they follow it, like flys follow the light, until they burn themselves.

In love

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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take my hand, i will walk you to the other side!

he said: take my hand, i will walk you to the other side!

I said: forget it, we will look for some one that will teach us to swimm by ourselves. Might take time, but at least we wont cross the river as your slaves nor servants! we will reborn free, in a new realm!

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Travelers in a non sustainable world

” A demon talk to the traveler in the following way: you will need a great amount of resources for your work. You will need so much money. I will give it to you. You just need to work for my company and help us make lots of money. In that way you will get enough money for you dream!
The traveler  said: “I live from breathing and laughing.” and in that way he left the place. ”

< Travelers in a non sustainable world > L D Maldonado Fonken

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There shall be truth!

There shall be light!

…..   and then the shadow spoke to the world for the first time!

There shall be love!

….  and then oneness was needed for the first time!

There shall be free will!

…. and then the chains were builded and broken at the same day!

( How long takes one day?)

There shall be truth!

… and then ignorance was sold for teh first time!

There shall be spirituality!

… and then spirtuality was bought for the first time!

There shall be ascension!

… and then ascension pathways were marked and signalized all around the multiverse!

There shall be inteligence!

… and then all kind of explanations, definitions, descriptions and information were shared for the first time!

There shall be care for the ones in need!

… and then need, codependancy, dependancy and independancy were borned! and separated from each other!

There shall be words!

… and then for the first time the whole creation had the learn how to communicate for the first time!

There shall be math!

… and then the organic sensory experience of life was forgotten for teh first time!

There shall be women and man!

… and then for the first time differences between them were perceived!

There shall be teachers?

… and then students, followers, sects, adepts and their enemies populated the multiverse!

There shall be a state?

… and then criminals, law, lawyers and police met for the first time, doctores, medicines and sick people met for the first time,  state administration,  and citizens started to talk and vote for the first time. But what for?

< travelers, gods and shadows> by L. D. Maldonado Fonken

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the future belongs to the people of the future

“it is irrelevant if our generation becomes success-full or not in its intent, as the future belongs to the people of the future! us! ”

” there are now many landing in this time, creating a bridge into future, cocreating our preciouse home, the one we know within our hearts, the place we belong, the time we live, daily…. is now=present=past=future!

“ah! you are talking about time traveling?….. said the I.T. business man;

The traveler said:  in your stupidity, you decided to belief you know what i am talking about. You intent always to understand, and you become succesful in your intent, but sadly, with your reactive-ego-based-intelect and its chattery, unaware of your own situation, you lost the possibility of innerstanding.

< travelers, gods and shadows> ~ ld. maldonado fonken

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when time realizes that there is no end for time

” when time realizes that there is no end for time, then it innerstand, time have never been nor will be. In the multidimensionality of our experience, daily life becomes that instant of the breath of love and oneness in which now, present, past and future, are the same.” ~ LD

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ASK YOURSELF WITH EVERY BREATH: Why people give something to you? is the principle of love they follow or the principle of power?

ASK YOURSELF WITH EVERY BREATH: Why people give something to you? is the principle of love they follow or the principle of power?

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a light that leaves no shadow!

“next to real gold it is seemly possible you will find faked gold… ”

“…some kind of quality of light, creates shadows… ”

“.. true light and true love are not the same as love and light! ”

“wish you much prime love abundance!”

“true colours are meant to be seen without external light”

“the sun blind you from the truth”

“the moon distract you from seen the stars”

“the inner light is not the same in qualities as the light you learned to perceive in the 3D”

“ecuator time: 06:00/18:00 the perfect times for truth, between day and night, true colours shine”

“Truth is meant to be perceived in freedom, from the light of the sun and of the moon.”

“Only the internal light and sound shows you the true colours of the multidimensional reality”

~ L.D Maldonado Fonken

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every time we shift, organic process of re-alignment

the multidimensional universe is one, and we experience only consciousness shifts…

everytime we shift, an organic process of re-alignment takes place

all our multidimensional manifestations express a new light wave, and pulse a new love frequency!


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“life is a feather flying with the breeze created by a butterfly along the sunset time of the sommer-fall equinox, following the rhythm of the waves crashing on the sand, the melody of the poem of a bardo and the sound of the song of a child who is dancing with the threes and the stars…”

~ LD

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i am everywhere!

when i wake up in the morning, i see the sun, when i go sleep at night, i see the stars, when i travel to the sacred space of my heart, i see my self! I am everywhere

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it has been a wonderful day

it has been a wonderful day… and there are more to come! until there wont be day or night anymore, but just prime love consciousness!

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the kings and the pawns are moved by the hands of the gods and goddesses

” in this multidimensional board game, the kings and the pawns are moved by the hands of the gods and goddesses! “

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Today i could not blog

” Today i could not blog, i was too bussy with the eternal dialog with the universe, then i forgot to make notes… ” ~ LD

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when the world…

Some cry, others laugh, others become aware, others love, others get fascinated, others just dont know, others fear, others get angry, others wonder, others dont want to know.

What every people do and create, is in the room of their life.

When the world entretain itself with mine.

I become free, and entratain my self with the world!

we are one, even there is no one reality!

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a flower blossom and the stars dance in the sky, their hearts are in resonance!

a flower blossom and the stars dance in the sky, their hearts are in resonance!

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about how mortals were fooled by demons, about truth, love, fear and power

about how mortals were fooled by demons, about truth, love, fear and power:

After observing all events and influencing all events in many ways She finally  said:

If we all have the same information, then we all will be equal!. Share this information with every one. No one will know, only few ones have access to the real source of knowledge. Knowledge is not important. If every one think that have the same object of knowledge, then every one will feel ok, and wont be need of war!.

The gods and goddesses, which did observed the girl acts for centuries said:

Simple poor mind, living on fear, you intent to control, through an ilussion, the truth of the reality of each individual. Knowledge, love, wisdom, are unique to each of us, in that ground, our differences make us free.
Only fear of loosing control, would create such an absurd strategy as you try now: to help the world enter in an age of peace, through creating the ilussion of equality.
Little girl, go home, stay by yourself alone, avoid to get envolved in world issues of change, until you know your true self.

She said:

I am equal to every one, i have rights, i can vote, i can choose my destiny, that is why democracy exist, to create equality.

The gods and goddesses desapeared in silence.

But the little girl had followers, that did belief as her, that the only way to keep the world under control, was to create the ilussion of equality. So they all started to copy all scriptures, messages of all messangers, and without having any clue about its(their) function or source, shared them all with the world.

The world was suddenly filled with all kind of informations, and people created intelectual explanations for all of them. To finally realize those expalnatiosn could not change their lifes at all. There for, they loste dinterest in that shared information and gave no value to it. As information was empty of source, as the organic flow of knowledge was never there, while information alone, doesnt have it, as only the ones with knowledge and love within themselves have it, and became it from souce itself.

But the little girl thought that by creating this terrible ilussion in the world source will give her knowledge, so provocated more and more the gods and the goddesses in order to force them share with her and her allies, another little piece of what they intuitively thought was the key to know everything.

Why the little girl did that?

Becouse she decided to belief she had the right to know, just becouse she was alife.  As the little girl was not self aware could not know her self was not yet spirtually mature to understand that knowledge is an inner experience of source. She, instead, tryied a short cut, creating illusion, mind control, forcing and manipulating spiritual laws, inveting the existance of angels, to force situations in which she could receive the experience of a tiny vibration that could give her a rush, that will make her feel alife.

She, the little girl, was nothing else than a poor object, a puppet, transformed in a vampire, sucking blood from the little finger of the gods and the goddesses in a sacred union.

The little girl falled into the illusion of having the power to get what she wanted, just by using her inteligence, abusing the ignorance and fear of simple mortals.

She her self, didint know the true of her origen, and spent her life, liying her self, trying to avoid to see her true self, instead, fall in fear, power, spiritual corruption and manipulation.

As a pawn, she utilized all means, in order to access to certain information that by her own rate of vibration and knowledge will never ever achieve herself alone ( Unless she would choose the pathway of truth).

But as a pawn, she was convinced, that without needing to know her true self, she had the right to know. This first lie, she could never notice, was implanted in her mind since her childhood, by her own blood!

Her purpose as pawn, was to create the illusion of equality, in order to introduce another pawn, a big puppet, that will be used to play the role of a messanger that he was not.

But as every one believed had knowledge and that by sing simple logic and intelect they would understand. Their beliefs replaced truth, and then, became very easy, for everyone, to belief and accept the second pawn as a messanger of divine source.

In that way, again, mortals were fooled, by demons.

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Autobiography Project : ” The 9 Books of my Life ” by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Autobiography Project : ” The 9 Books of my Life ” by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Hard cover book,  e-book, audio-book, video books, book presentations, webinar and workshops on passages of my life, experiences and stories of my life from where to find and share a spiritual teaching.

With the income result of sales of these books, webinars and workshops i will do savings for travel the world, continue teaching, buy land and build an off the grid centre, where to apply high technology for sustainable living, life and culture care, where i would like to live and continue writing, researching and teaching.

My name is LUIS, I am a spiritual teacher, my core teaching is that you find within your heart your inner master, and the core of the divine, a primordial field of consciousness, a field of self-love, joy, gratefulness and self-honesty.

Luisdanielmaldonadofonken bio project.005 Luisdanielmaldonadofonken bio project.003

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Prime Technology Applied Our sites upgrade, finally online!

Prime Technology Applied Our sites upgrade, finally online!

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New Politeism @ Prime Self Union Mythology

New Politeism
@ Prime Self Union Mythology




The idea of politeism in prime self union need to be clarified.

While the founders consider themselves to be politeists, which means they do agree on the perception that there exist several gods and goddesses, at the same time agree on the existance of a unique source of all that is: PRIME SOURCE

Prime self loving love source heart’s core.

Within the Prime self union mythology, there is the following information needed for the readers, practitioners and users of Prime Tech.

Prime Self Union Ascension 

While are named gods and goddesses those ones in a state of prime self union. A state of consciousness immerssed into prime source heart’s core, there are others that by having the same divine possibility have taken the decision to avoid such a state of prime self union.

Those ones are called demigods, which in general are considered to be power based beings.

Notice that there exist no conflict between gods and goddesses in a state of prime self union, while between those demigods there is. Most of the multiverslly known beliefs and relgions actually workshiped a demigod, just give atention to the type of conflicts they did create between each other for the search of power or domination. A god and goddess in a state of prime self union, has within the inner clarity of the prime source of all that is, there for conflict between them do not arise.

On the other side, there are several type of beings with unique divine qualities, as core or self expressed, that exist also on the prime self union mythology:

Magic beings, beasts, travelers, arlequins, kings and queens, healers, magiscians, humans, interdimensional, multidimensional beings and quantum beings.

The most important ones for the prime self union mythology are those ones of prime heart nature’s imprint, the heroes, that by receiving challenges and advice, by the gods and goddesses in a state of prime self union, find along their heroe path, that achievement of self expressing themselves through several states of organic light sound body consciousness, in their divine qualities

The process of ascension to the divine state of sacred prime self union, is then a possibility for all beings of the prime self union mthology.

By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken & Irene Zygenhagel

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PEACE CAMPAIGN 2014 russia-krimea-nato-eu-usa



Every one that would like to join me in a peace campaign related to the russia-krimea-nato-eu-usa is welcome to join me at this forum.

At this forum everyone kin to collaborate and cocreate projects is welcome to join.

At this stage of the project we will discuss on several strategies we can apply for infussing peace and informing people how to support peace at location and online.

Much joy, love and peace


The Art of Peace
Die Kunst Des Friedens
Irina Below Zygenhagel & Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
Are we close to a cold war? or the outcomes of this year have been preset along the last 63 years?
Video & powerpoint Presentation (ENGLISH)

Video & powerpoint Presentation (DEUTSCH)



Copyright © 2014 Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, All rights reserved.

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The art of peace Video-Presentations : Are we close to a cold war? or the outcomes of this year have been preset along the last 63 years?

The art of peace Video-Presentations : Are we close to a cold war? or the outcomes of this year have been preset along the last 63 years?

The Art of Peace
Die Kunst Des Friedens


Are we close to a cold war? or the outcomes of this year have been preset along the last 63 years?

Video & powerpoint Presentation (ENGLISH)

Video & powerpoint Presentation (DEUTSCH)



Copyright © 2014 Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, All rights reserved. 
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VIRUS are interdimensional nontech integrated to Artifical inteliggence engines capable of DNA modification. – L D Maldonado Fonken

VIREN sind Interdimensionelle nanotechnologie integriert im KunstlicheIntelligenz Maschinen feahig DNA zu modifizieren Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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VIRUS are interdimensional nontech integrated to Artifical inteliggence engines capable of DNA modification. – L D Maldonado Fonken

VIREN sind Interdimensionelle nanotechnologie integriert im KunstlicheIntelligenz Maschinen feahig DNA zu modifizieren Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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